Use the text format tool to convert or transform text from one case to another.

Format Text


Use the UPPER CASE button to convert of our inputted text to all upper case CAPITIAL letters. Existing capital letters will remain, and any other text will be converted to all capital letters.


Capitalized Case

Use the Capitalized Case button to convert the first letter of every word to be a CAPITIAL letter. Any existing capital letters not at the start of a word will be converted to lower case.

Example: This Is An Example

lower case

Use the lower case option to convert your inputted string to all lower case letters.

Example: this is an example


Use the inverse case option to flip the case. All lower case letter will become upper case and the upper case letters will become lower case. Useful if you have left the caps lock on without noticing

Example: Input = tHIS iS aN eXAMPLE | Output = This Is An Example

Sentence. Case

Use the sentence case option to set the first letter of every new sentence to be a capital letter. All other letters will be lower case. Missing spaces will be auto inserted after the punctuation

Example: Input = this is an example.and so is this! you see? | Output = This is an example. And so is this! You see?